AI vs. The World

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-10-07

Check out this week's must-knows in tech: Making Good Use of Selfies, Chatbots, and a Facebook Boo-Boo

When Playing Hard to Get is Bad...for Business.

Twitter came out with a mind-blowing find: if you respond to customers, there is a 30% higher chance they will recommend the brand. Well, duh? Interactions are key to developing brand loyalty and easily telling a customer that you care and have heard them. So if you're ignoring all those nasty tweets or Yelp reviews, stop and take a moment to respond. The faster, the better.

What's in a name, anyway?

Thinking of buying a dot-com (.com) domain name? With over 125 million registered dot-com domain names, it's likely your ideal name is taken, and equally likely if you're looking for a .net, .org, or .info name. Have no fear though, you don't have to be tied down to a .com name anymore. Domain names are evolving, and owning an entire domain-name extension, like .barclays or .bmw, is growing in popularity. So, what will your next domain name be?

THE Dating App for Food

If the Internet has taught us anything in the last five years, it's that people rather scroll through beautiful pictures than read descriptions and write blurbs.


Wine & Dine makes that easy with their Instagram inspired app, enabling users to share pictures of food dishes or mark other users' pictures of dishes that they want to try. What's to stop a restaurant posing as a customer and posting their own food pics, though?

Let Me Take a Selfie

Companies are taking two-factor authentication very seriously (as they should!). Rather than the typical text with a unique code, businesses like Mastercard are allowing users to verify online purchases by taking a selfie. Mastercard's security feature "Identity Check Mobile" will allow users to use a fingerprint or selfie to verify who they are. To get around someone using a printed picture of your face, the app requires you to blink to confirm you're a human.

Will chatbots replace teachers?

It's said that the best way to learn a new language is to practice speaking, reading, and writing it. Duolingo, a game-like app that teaches languages, is taking learning to a new level. Its new chatbot allows users to practice French, Spanish, and German through AI-powered text conversations. Sounds a bit like SmarterChild, only smarter and bilingual.

Or will chatbots take over all jobs?

Mobile messaging apps have surpassed social networking apps in number of active monthly users. Why is this important? It dictates how you reach customers and that you need to be where they are.


Unlike email, messaging apps create a continuous dialog and feel more natural to the user, increasing the likelihood they will respond and interact with your brand. With more conversations being driven by chatbots/artificial intelligence (AI), are customer service rep jobs the next to go?

Big tech companies making moves: for better or for worse?

Facebook reintroduced its Marketplace. Naturally, people used it to sell drugs, guns, and animals. Oops.

Google introduced its first phone, Pixel. It also launched Assistant, intended to be, well, your AI assistant. Apparently you can boss it around and ask it endless questions.

Snapchat is now Snap Inc. Why the name change? It's rumored the company is preparing for an IPO in March. Snap did just release Spectacles, and while going into hardware isn't always prosperous (Google Glass, anyone?), it does indicate the company is seeking world domination.

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