A Lot Can Change in 9 Years

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-09-15

Check out this week's must-knows in tech: all things Apple, new tech products that know too much, and a blast from the past.

So, what does Apple's iOS 10 do?

Apple released their updated mobile operating system, iOS 10, on Tuesday. Some of the newsworthy features:

  • Do you often forget where you parked? Siri can now automatically detect when you've stopped driving and will drop a pin at that location (if your car has Bluetooth or CarPlay).
  • Have more granular control over read receipts on iMessage. When viewing an iMessage, click the "i" icon in the upper right corner and adjust the Send Read Receipt option.
  • Check out the new emojis, like a water squirt gun, a rainbow flag, and more people making strange expressions.
  • Among the many iMessage updates, send handwritten iMessages.
Read about more new features here. And don't think we forgot about iPhone 7 updates. Priorities.


Don't lose friends over football, literally.

NFL season is upon us. If you plan on attending a game and need to know where to tailgate or are looking for a bar that will show the game, Paranoid Fan is the app for you.

Speaking of finding people at tailgates, the new app Chatscene helps people at the same events find one another. Don't think it's for you? Think back to the last time you lost a friend at a concert or wasted time trying to locate people in a crowded area....

And the Most Popular Color on the Internet Is....

Can you guess the most popular color on the internet? It's blue, and we hope you're not surprised. Just look at the most popular websites (e.g. Google, Facebook, and Amazon), and you'll be met with a sea of blue. But, why blue?

Netflix to the Rescue

If anyone can stop broadband companies like Comcast from forcing monthly data caps on our home Internet usage, it's hopefully the giant Netflix (duh, because data caps will keep us from streaming more shows on Netflix).

Netflix argues that "data caps on fixed-line networks do not appear to serve a legitimate purpose," for example, data caps don't lower congestion or improve Internet speed. We'll have to wait and see what the FCC decides to do.

How Subliminal Messages will Control You

Imagine shopping for running shoes, picking up a pair, and having a nearby TV monitor automatically display the shoe specs. Estimote's Mirror will do just that, plus other things, like display specific ads based on the people in the proximity or, in a stadium, display to passing people the best way to get to their seats. Pretty soon subliminal messages will take over, or we'll stop thinking about how to do things for ourselves.

That's why the Internet is so big. It's full of lies.

People seem to forget that not everything you read online is true. When it comes from a seemingly reputable source though, we have a knack for being even more trusting. Take Facebook: after firing the News Feed's Trending Topics editorial team to prevent political bias and turning the work over to robots, a fake news story popped up as a trending topic. Technology won't replace us all, yet....

What Instagram would look like if we used 9 year old iPhones.

Is this what pictures really looked like in 2007?! Like, seriously, Instagram should attribute its success to mobile phone companies obsessing over improving the camera every year.

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