Playing with Nostalgia

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-07-14

Check out this week's must-knows in tech: playing with nostalgia, Googling without fear of dying, sharing passwords, and the rise of live streaming.

Wait, wasn't Pokemon so 1996?


Nintendo's Pokemon Go (what is Pokemon Go?) is the latest craze to hit our mobile phones, and we predict this addiction is not a fad. If you don't believe us, watch this video filmed in Central Park. Individuals have even created a few new jobs to help others catch them all.

Pokemon Go should remind you that you don't want to share ALL your data with apps. After people cried out over the unreasonable request for "full access" to your Google account, Pokemon Go swiftly changed the permissions and now only asks to "Know who you are on Google" and to "View your email address."

Keeping your data safe while playing Pokemon Go isn't the only thing you need to worry about. Some teenagers in Missouri used the app to lure players and rob them, and a San Francisco police station has posted safety guidelines for playing the game. Stay safe, my friends.

Nintendo hits the nail on the head with Pokemon Go. The game combines connecting users with other people, social pressure to play, FOMO (fear of missing out), nostalgia, instant gratification, and friendly competition. Look out for copycat games (like a Game of Thrones version...). What will the next tech trend be?

No, you're not dying.


We've all been there. Your child has a fever? Google it. You have a strange rash on your foot? Google it. Cue the panic when your search indicates you have cancer or a dozen different diseases. To calm our anxiety, Google has created a new and improved symptom search. Currently available on mobile, let us know if you agree with the diagnosis.

Christmas in July

Igiphy (1).gif

How successful was Amazon Prime Day on July 12th? Despite a shopping cart glitch early in the day, Amazon sold A LOT of stuff. The company reported a 60% increase in sales compared to last year's Amazon Prime day, and this year, only 39% of shoppers were sad about the deals, compared to 50% last year. So what was purchased in one day? In addition to household and every day items, over 90,000 TVs, more than two million toys, and over one million pairs of shoes were sold.

Picking the Best Emoji Just Got Easier

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What are we most excited about when Apple updates iMessage in iOS 10 this fall? Not only will emojis be three times as big, but the app will also now recommend emojis based on the text you've typed. What will we do with all this new found time not spent searching for the perfect emoji??

Don't share your password, but actually do.

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Did you know sharing your password is a federal crime? It is now, under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Before you freak out because you've shared your Netflix password with your brother, next door neighbor, and ex(es), Netflix could care less if you give your password out or borrow someone else's. They just want everyone who borrows a password to be addicted to their service. The company hopes these people will one day be loyal enough to purchase their own account, but we question how many people will leave a free deal.... Nonetheless, if you're sharing a password, do so securely.

Who wants a TV package anyway?

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Twitter is growing its live stream offerings. In addition to live streaming Thursday Night Football games this fall, it will now live stream financial news and three shows from Bloomberg as well as both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this month. We cannot wait to see the drama unfold in the stream of commentary alongside the videos....