May the Fourth be With You

Written by Adam Weiss on 2018-05-01

As we approach Intergalactic Star Wars Day, we present the latest iteration of the Great Matter website. It's the fourth version of the site, too, which is pretty fitting.

We've been in business for over nine years now, so that's an average of about a new site every 2 years. Not too shabby! While we might recommend a similar schedule to keep your users' juices flowing, it might be better to just have more content.

May the Fourth be With You!

Introducing E-Sign

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-10-05

Great Matter's E-Sign Drupal 7 Module

Great Matter launched a new Drupal module! E-Sign is an electronic-signing module, allowing you to add an E-Signature field, using Signature Pad, to any node or entity you have in Drupal 7.

If you have a Drupal site, install this module to include a signature area on pretty much anything. Forget using a separate digital signature service that's always pricey and has features you'll never use; the E-Sign module is user-friendly, open source (free!), and easy to use.

The Number One Reason Your Website Will Crash

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-09-28

Are you preparing to go on the air? Rolling out a huge sale? Holding an event that will attract hundreds of thousands of people?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, can your website withstand the traffic? If you're not sure, the answer is probably no, and the last thing you want is for your website to crash right when people want to look at you the most.

Web Terms 101: Software as a Service

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-08-02

Software as a Service (SaaS), a category of cloud computing, is a type of service built and offered over the internet by third party companies. This type of software allows users to install and run the software without downloading it onto their own computer or server. The third party provider completes all maintenance, updates, and support. Users typically pay a monthly fee, allowing for more flexibility over budgeting and switching to other similar services.

Web Terms 101: Twitter Account Verification

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-07-21
Twitter Account Verification: A verified account on Twitter is an account that has gone through several steps to prove that your personal or company's account is you and not a fraud. Previously, only celebrities, big brands, and public figures could apply to have their account marked as verified, but now you can too. Why is this a big deal?