How to Avoid Phishing Emails and Online Scams

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-07-08

We know you have heard it before, but online security has never been more important. If top tech bosses like Google's Sundar Pichai, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and Spotify's Daniel Ek can get hacked, so can you (read more about what happened to them here). We want to help you avoid an attack on your own accounts. Read below to learn more about phishing emails, ransomware, and steps you can take to avoid malicious online attacks.

Happy 7th Birthday, Great Matter!

Written by Adam Weiss on 2016-03-23

We thank you, our clients, our team, our family, our friends. The past seven years would not have been possible without any of you. Since opening our doors in 2009, you've given us an infinite number of reasons to love our jobs even more than we already do, and we've been especially excited to celebrate your own growth and successes through the years. Thank you!