Small Business Saturday: Support Monte Vista Grove Homes

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-20

When it comes to retirement and assisted living homes, Monte Vista Grove Homes is one of the best and most beautiful. Located in Pasadena, California, Monte Vista Grove Homes is a multi-level retirement community which provides quality long-term care services.

Small Business Saturday: BEAR-y great gifts at Bushland Outfitters!

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-19

Not sure what to get your brother/cousin/aunt/nephew/roommate/secret santa for the holidays? Browse Bushland Outfitter's range of apparel, hats, and accessories, and we guarantee you will find something for everyone on your list. All items include Bushland Outfitter's signature grizzly paw prints.

We know how hectic the holiday season can get, so to help you out with your shopping list and save you some time, we've included a few of our suggestions:

Small Business Saturday: Take a trip with Jen Mitchell Travel!

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-18

Aching to get out of town? Procrastinating on making holiday travel plans? It's not too late! Jen Mitchell Travel, a luxury travel agency, will help you plan a unique and memorable trip while providing you with the best service you've ever had, leaving you feeling well taken care of and like a VIP.

Book your next trip now - Jen Mitchell Travel has got you covered! Looking for more information? Contact Jen Mitchell Travel.

Small Business Saturday: Tickets now on sale to San Marino Motor Classic

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-16

Join us in June for the sixth annual San Marino Motor Classic. While the show is not for another few months, get your tickets now in honor of Small Business Saturday - not only will you be supporting the San Marino Motor Classic, but you'll also be supporting dozens of small business vendors and sponsors at the show.

Small Business Saturday: 15% off everything at FXP Fitness

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-13

Looking for a way to make your fitness routine more enjoyable? FXP Fitness does just that. The FXP Hula Hoop®, a weighted hula hoop reinvented from the popular Wham-O™ Hula Hoop®, is a fun way to get your cardio and strength training in - trust us, you'll love working out now!

Small Business Saturday: Shop at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-12

If you love cheese, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese is the place for you. Located in Point Reyes, California, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese is a family owned business and produces a variety of delicious cheeses, including Point Reyes Original Blue™ (a Great Matter favorite), Point Reyes Toma™, and Fresh Mozzarella.

How you can support Small Business Saturday

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-11-11

Move over, Black Friday, we're focusing on a different shopping day this year: Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday, the Saturday following Black Friday, is designated as a day to encourage shopping at businesses that are just that, small (and local). It's estimated that one-fourth of Americans hunt for deals on Small Business Saturday, and we think you should be one of those shoppers if you're not already.