Considering a Website Redesign?

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-06-04

If you're considering a website redesign, make sure you're looking at your competitor's website. No, we're not saying you should copy your competitor. But you need to study their best practices while recognizing the ridiculous things they have tried that you should absolutely not do. Learn from their mistakes, don't repeat them.

To start, ask yourself these questions when reviewing your competitor's website (and really any other website you come across):

Is Your Digital Marketing Plan Down in the Dumps? Give it a Boost with these three strategies

Written by Adam Weiss on 2015-05-29

You've heard of digital marketing. You're familiar with social media sites. You know posts with pictures are better attention grabbers than posts with just text. Yet, do you know your own digital marketing priorities? Do you have a strategy for marketing your brand and products online?

If you answered "no" to the last two questions, it's better late than never to set your digital marketing priorities for this year. Rather than fly by the seat of your pants, take note of these three tips and start prepping: