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Pasadena Tournament of Roses

Website Redesign, CRM, & Portal Development

Imagine getting one million visitors on your website in one day. Can your website handle that traffic, or is it built like the 405?

Saving time was at the top of the Tournament of Roses' agenda. Using dated processes to select its Queen and Court, organize the Rose Parade's media guide, and assign volunteers to committees was taking too much man power, resources, and time. Plus, the Tournament of Roses' public website was out of date and needed to handle high levels of traffic in anticipation of the following new year festivities.

Then, they turned to us to tackle these problems, streamline information, and save countless of hours pouring over spreadsheets and style guides.

  • Strategy
    • Web Consulting
    • Content Strategy
  • Design
    • Responsive Web Design
  • Engineering
    • CRM System Development
    • Drupal Development
    • Responsive Architecture
    • Web Applications

Putting on the grandest New Year’s Day party is a big deal.

The Tournament of Roses hosts the world-famous Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day every year.

The Tournament of Roses is an elegant, respected household name. When translating these feelings online, Great Matter emphasized user experience and design as the cornerstones of each customized project.

Our Approach

We designed and developed a public website with a focus on responsiveness, picture perfect images, quick loading, and easy navigation. Drupal development of the membership database targeted ease of use. We built the Rose Parade applicant portal to streamline mass amounts of information, collect data, and present final content in an easy-to-digest format.