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Our focus is creating beautiful interactive web designs, unique branding, and custom web applications. Some clients come to us with thick project scope docs and wire-frames, some with existing websites and complex needs, and others with an idea on a couple napkins. If it's your goal to build something great, we're your partner.

Our Work

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

Opportunity: Renowned Creamery Needs to Ship Cheese Worldwide

Solution: Web Development, Server Maintenance, & Complex E-Commerce Shopping Cart Management


4020 Lofts

Opportunity: New Building Needs Tenants

Solution: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Ads Campaign

Returning client and owner of 4020 Lofts approached us with an existing design that we turned in to a real working website on Drupal content management system (CMS). We built their site by SEO best practices and executed a successful Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Bing ad campaign, resulting in filling every rental spot in the building.


Little City Gourmet

Opportunity: Brand New Restaurant Needs to Make a Splash

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce

Returning client and chef Rachelle Slotnick came to us when she decided to launch her own restaurant near Washington, DC. Little City Gourmet stands out as it offers Daily Dinners, dinners that can be ordered and picked up on your way home from work. They're great examples for SEO practices by posting to Facebook almost daily and bringing traffic back to their site.


Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation

Opportunity: LAEDC Engages Business to Come to LA

Solution: Web Development & Maintenance


California Gifted Network

Opportunity:CGN Connects Resources to Users in the Gifted Community

Solution: Web Design, Development, Email Set-up, SEO, & Maintenance


Law Offices of Robert Risley

Opportunity: Established Lawyer Finally Goes Online

Solution: Web Design & Web Development

Risley Law made the decision to showcase the practice with a website, essentially serving as a business card and legitimizer. The firm, homegrown and well-respected in Pasadena, utilized large images of the town, taken by Robert Risley himself.


The Sherman Oaks Nursery School Parent Portal

Opportunity: Nursery School Engages Parents, Teachers, & Students with an Interactive Portal

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, Complex Member Portal Management

(Parent Portal requires member login)

Emma Petievich Event Designer

Opportunity: Event Planner Needs to Showcase Her Work

Solution: Web Design & Web Development

Emma Petievich is a talented event planner and designer who needed a site that demonstrated her skill set. We designed and built her site on a content management system for easy updates and editing, and so her site could expand and scale as her business grew.


Camp Shi'ini

Opportunity: Kids Summer Camp Needs to Sign Up Campers

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce & Search Engine Optimization

Camp Shi'ini offers a unique, immersive theatrical experience for its summer campers unlike anywhere else, and we needed to design a website that gave parents insight and got kids excited for the summer! Each year, Camp Shi'ini sells out and has an easy time signing up campers through their online registration e-commerce system.


Hahn & Hahn LLP

Opportunity: Premiere & Oldest Pasadena Law Firm Goes Online

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization


Rotary Club of Pasadena

Opportunity: Top 5 Largest Rotary Club Needs Communication Tool

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, Member Database


San Marino Motor Classic Car Show

Opportunity: Car Show Needs a Whole New Visual Brand

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, Printed Material Design including logo, posters, tickets, volunteer badges, banners, and polo shirts


Kissing Frogs Project

Opportunity: Women's Online Community Needs a Place to Come Together

Solution: Web Development & Search Engine Optimization

Kissing Frogs Project approached us with an existing gorgeous design that we brought to life by building it on a content management system (CMS). Kissing Frogs Project utilizes their site to bring women together around telling stories and learning from one another with easy-to-post blog articles and sharing across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Mary Catherine Bohen Family Law

Opportunity: Family Law Firm Makes Itself Searchable

Solution: Web Design, Web Development


Palm Pacific Realty

Opportunity: Realty Company Needs Dual-Language Website

Situation: Web Design, Web Development, Dual-Language Programming


Maxwell Noll Investment Advisors

Opportunity: Investment Advisors Showcase Expertise to Potential Investors

Solution: Web Design, Web Development


Just Jayne Collection

Opportunity: Artist Community Showcases Work

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization

Northwest Fresh Catering Company

Opportunity: Catering Company Offers Online Corporate Ordering

Solution: Web Design, Web Development & E-Commerce


Stanley Gordon

Opportunity: Author Wants to Tell His Story Online & Sell Books

Solution: Web Design, Web Development & Search Engine Optimization

Applied Natural Gas Fuels

Opportunity: Natural Gas Wholesaler Wants a Corporate Look

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, & Search Engine Optimization


Torrey Pines Real Estate Investments

Opportunity: Real Estate Company Needs Additional Investors

Solution: Web Design, Web Development, & Search Engine Optimization


McLeod, Moscarino, Witham, & Flynn Attorneys at Law

Opportunity: Law Firm Legitimizes Itself with Online Presence

Solution: Web Design & Web Development


Gorove Slade & Associates

Opportunity: Transportation Planning Firm Builds Online Presence

Solution: Web Design, Web Development



Opportunity: Goofing Off Leads to a Neat Photo Sharing Site

Solution: Web Design & Web Development

Sometimes we code just for fun. We're nerds, and that's what you want in developers. Photochroma is a place to upload and host images in an aesthetically cool way, done far before much more current image sharing platforms like Instagram.


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